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I was born towards the later part of the last century in Erith in Kent and moved at a young age to Daventry. Then later onto Northampton, and now to West Wales, in Penybryn between Cardigan and Cilgerran.. I then moved to St Clears, Swansea, Ammanford and now in Gorslas in between Swansea and Carmarthen

I practice in Malindi Centre in Mauldlings between Newcastle Emlyn and Cynyl Elfed and the Waverley in Lammas Street, Carmarthen, Physiofit in Milford Haven, Physiofit in Goodwick, The Cilgerran Surgery Cilgerran, and the Centre in Swansea

I also can carry out home visits in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and South Glamorgan.

I have been interested in complementary therapies for many years, and trained at The European College of Bowen Studies and qualified as an Accredited Practitioner of The Bowen Technique in October 1999. In 2012 I was ask to train to teach Bowen Technique with the European College of Bowen Studies now CBS which I completed in October 2013.

I have also been trained in Dowsing, Allergy Testing and Stress Release with my mum Joy Lange (MAR), who is a qualified tutor in dowsing and many other fields within complementary medicine. I am also very lucky to gain some of my Mother's traits through my genes!

I carry out Allergy Tests for various Traditional Chinese Medicine stores and I also carry out allergy tests on eBay so that people worldwide can benefit.

My outlook is that complementary medicine and orthodox medicine work hand in hand for the patients needs. The end result is to benefit the patient's health. 

Our outlook in the western world is to see the doctor when we are ill and the disease or ailment may have already set in. We should instead take regular  maintenance visits to complementary health care as this is an excellent way to maintain well being. Stress is the biggest contributor to ill health, yet we do very little about. I realised after I moved into Complementary therapies that I had been doing a job that didn't suit me for many years. I think we should find a job that pleases us, not just one that pays the bills.

If we only had the same attitude to our health as we have to our cars. We take our car in for a regular service, because we don't want it to break down, which is understandable. We do nothing for our own bodies, and complain if we have to spend any money on them, even if it is beneficial to health or longevity of life!

How much would you spend on your health??????

Your body is the most precious thing in the world, there is no replacement and very few spares!





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