Stress release

We seem to store emotions in muscles and even organs and it is stress that I believe is the biggest killer in the world. Non smokers can have lung cancer and fit people can have heart problems. I was taught on the massage course stress affects every cell of the body.

I heard recently of a person who had an organ transplant, who was fairly healthy, after the operation they were craving a McDonalds and had never been and wouldn’t go to such a restaurant. It turned out the person who had donated the organ had died on the way to McDonalds so it seems as if the organs have memory.
There have been various different stories of personalities changing and even speaking a different language after a transplant.

Louise Hays “Heal your Body” a wonderful little book I use all the time puts physical ailments into emotions and I have found it extremely useful for the stubborn problems that doesn’t seem to go.

The problem often with stress is we don’t know how stressed we are until the signs are out there for the world to see, shouting, screaming, fighting, arguing etc. usually over something quite small but it is the “piece of straw that broke the camel’s back” the one thing that took it over the top.

Using Dowsing we can quite simply help remove the stresses from the body, by finding the time the issue started and using a simple exercise help the body release it.

Ancestoral Stress release

After using the Stress release perfected by my Mother and working through the family tree I started to realise that I was suffering with some of my ancestors problems, I srtarted to realise tyhay had passed on some of there issue to me and I needed to clear it or I would pass it on. I then adapted the stress release to encompass the ancestor and had some wonderful results. It also affects people in the blood line as well as we found out.

I can work with all people with this release illegitimate, orphaned, or not sure of their parents as we don’t necessarily need to know who we are clearing for. It is coming through their DNA and they are carrying on the issue. Children can have mannerisms of their Gt Grandmothers yet they have never met. Carrying out this clearing can help anyone in the bloodline, so don’t be surprised to find out others in the family have changed who are not present. I have known several cases where illnesses disappeared sometimes short term during a time when one of the relatives is cleared

My belief is our DNA is connected to the earth similar to a WiFi  signal and if the DNA changes it alters all in the blood lineage, thus it affects the bloodline.

Let us say that our Gt Grandfather was accused of stealing we could have issues with the police, If your ancestors were put in the workhouse, you could have money and hoarding issues.

 A lot of people believe that illnesses run through their family, but it is the thought process that is the probable cause and they wait for it to manifest into their lives. Two people who lived near me believed that a certain age was old and so when that time was met, they got old and lots of old age illnesses. How many times have you heard that Cancer runs in a family! Or other diseases



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